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Building Regulations

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Building Regulations

The majority of works need to comply with Building Regulations, which cover construction methods and Health & Safety.

There are three methods of achieving Building Regulation approval :-

  • Most common type of Building Application
  • Plans & specifications drawn up and submitted for approval prior to commencement of construction.
  • Regular Building Control Inspections throughout build process.
  • Works signed off on completion and ‘Certificate’ issued.
  • A Full Plan Application requires all elevation and plan drawings to be submitted, these are usually available from the Planning Application.
  • Used for minor building works only.
  • Some Local Authorities will charge more for a Building Notice than a Full Plan Application.
  • Sent to Local Authority by Contractor prior to commencement of works
  • Subject to regular Building Control inspections.

‘Full Plans Applications’ and ‘Building Notices’ can either be processed via your Local Authority Building Control team or by an Approved Independent Building Inspector

  • Signed off by relevant contractor
    • ie Gas / Gas Safe Registered, Electrical / Part ‘P’, Windows / Fenser


The majority of structural work and extensions to a property will require Building Regulations approval.

Internal alterations not affecting structural elements (ie stud walls) will not require Building Regulations.

Windows (incl. Veluxs), and any changes to gas or electrical circuits will require Building Regulations approval, although this is usually ‘Self Regulated’.


    • Any building of or alteration to a garage / outbuilding attached in any way to the property will require Building Regulations approval.
    • A detached garage / outbuilding of less than 30m2 in internal floor area will not require Building Regulations.
    • Building Regulations will be required in all cases if there is the provision of any ‘sleeping accommodation’.
    • To NOT require Building Regulations approval a conservatory must comply with ALL the following conditions:
      • At least of the roof must be transparent
      • At least the walls must be transparent
      • All glazing must comply with Part ‘N’ regulations
      • Internal floor area must be less than 30m2
      • There must be a permanent ‘external rated’ door to provide a thermal barrier between the main dwelling & conservatory
      • There must be no drainage, ie sink or plumbing
      • Any heating must be independently controlled ie Thermostatic valves
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