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Before you commence on your building project it’s always a good idea to fully understand all the costs involved before making a financial commitment.

To this end, during the initial ‘free’ consultation, I will provide a quote for all Yateley Drawing Service Ltd and Local Authority charges, that is tailored to the works involved in your particular project. I will also be able to provide an indicative build cost, to ensure that we’re not trying to design a 60k extension for a 30k budget.


Different projects vary greatly in design complexity, for this reason every job is quoted on it’s own merits. Below are indicative costs associated with an average project, to give prospective clients an initial idea of potential outlay.



    750.00     Yateley Drawing Service Ltd

    172.00     Local Authority Charges

Planning Permission takes 8 weeks for approval, and once granted lasts for a period of 3 years.



    850.00      Yateley Drawing Service Ltd

  • 400.00      Local Authority <10m2       single storey extension
  • 600.00      Local Authority  10m2 - 40msingle storey extension
  • 720.00      Local Authority  40m2 - 100msingle storey extension
  • 750.00      Local Authority <40m2        2 storey extension
  • 900.00      Local Authority  40m2 - 100m2 storey extension
  • 470.00      Local Authority Loft Conversion
  • 320.00      Local Authority Garage Conversion


    Building Control charges vary by Local Authority, and are either based on extended floor area (as above) or on estimated costs of work.

For a Full Plan Application part of the fee is payable at the time the plans are submitted, the balance on 1st Site Inspection. For a Building Notice Application all fees are payable at 1st Inspection.


    1100.00     Permitted Development Application

    100.00      Structural Steel Calculations

    500.00      Building Notice Specifications


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