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What permissions do I require?


Generally speaking there are two types of permissions you may require when extending or altering your property.



Planning Permission in ‘layman’s terms’ deals with how your extension will look.

It covers: external materials; door & window styles; proportions of extension in relation to your existing property and it’s surroundings; potential overlooking issues; loss of light to neighbouring properties; and other similar issues.

Not all extensions and the majority of internal alterations do not require Planning Permission - please see ‘permitted development’ under Planning Permission.

The Planning Application takes 8 weeks to be processed.



Building Regulations in ‘layman’s terms’ deals with how your extension will be built.   This is also the information your builder will require in order to carry out the works, and in some cases to provide an accurate quotation

It covers all aspects of the build process: foundation depth and construction; wall construction and insulation levels; timber sizes; structural steels; ventilation levels; purge & extract ventilation; weatherproofing; fire safety etc.

The Building Regulations Approved Documents cover every aspect of the build process spanning Chapters A - P, and including some 1040 pages of specifications.

Whilst not all extensions require Planning Permission, the majority of extensions and structural alterations will require Building Regulations Approval.

The Building Regulations Approval process takes 4 - 8 weeks to be approved.


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